Nuclear theory papers

Selected papers with a personal contribution from members of the IPNP

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Stránský, Macek, CejnarExcited-state quantum phase transitions in systems with two degrees of freedom: Level density, level dynamics, thermal propertiesAnnals of Physics 345, 73 (2014)[link]
Knapp, VeselýA self-consistent study of multipole response in neutron-rich nuclei using a modified realistic potentialJournal of Physics G 41, 025109 (2014) [link]
Knapp, VeselýElectric dipole response in 208Pb within a new microscopic multiphonon approachPhysical Review C 86, 044327 (2012) [link]
Kvasil, VeselýGeneral treatment of vortical, toroidal, and compression modesPhysical Review C 84, 034303 (2011)[link]
CejnarQuantum quench influenced by an excited-state phase transitionPhysical Review A 83, 033802 (2011) [link]
KnappMatrix diagonalization algorithm and its applicability to the nuclear shell modelPhysical Review C 84, 024310 (2011) [link]
CejnarQuantum phase transitions in the shapes of atomic nuclei Reviews of Modern Physics 82, 2155 (2010) [link]
Macek, Stránský, CejnarRegularity-induced separation of intrinsic and collective dynamics Physical Review Letters 105,072503 (2010) [link]
Veselý, KvasilSkyrme random-phase-approximation description of spin-flip M1 giant resonancePhysical Review C 80, 031302(R) (2009)[link]
Stránský, CejnarQuantum chaos in the nuclear collective model: Classical-quantum correspondence Physical Review E 79, 046202 (2009) [link]
Stránský, CejnarQuantum chaos in the nuclear collective model: II. Peres lattices Physical Review E 79, 066201 (2009) [link]
CejnarQuantum phase transitions in the interacting boson model Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 62, 210 (2009)[link]
CejnarExcited state quantum phase transitions in many-body systems Annals of Physics 323, 1106 (2008)[link]
Knapp, KvasilMultiphonon nuclear response in O16: A microscopic treatment equivalent to the shell modelPhysical Review C 78, 054308 (2008)[link]
Cejnar, MacekCoulomb analogy for non-hermitian degeneracies near quantum phase transitionsPhysical Review Letters 99 (2007) 100601[link]
KvasilCompressional and toroidal dipole modes in nucleiJournal of Physics G 29, 753 (2003) [link]
KvasilSeparable random phase approximation for self-consistent nuclear modelsPhysical Review C 66, 044307 (2002)[link]
Kvasil, NosekNuclear structure in odd-odd nuclei, 144<~A<~194Reviews of Modern Physics 70, 843 (1998) [link]